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Saraghina Eyewear is the soul of the Adriatic Coast, the respect for the sea, the love for its sunshine and beautiful days. It’s joy, the beach, the color of the summer sky, the taste of salt, the endless nights.
Saraghina is knowing how to carry all this within you every month of the year, is bringing all these memories time after time. It is knowing how to take it easy, to live joyfully every moment with the right spirit, being truly simple, just authentic.

Saraghina Eyewear is the new way of conceiving eyewear. It's a lifestyle: as light as a kiss between the beach cabins, soft like a doughnut eaten on the beach at sunrise, as colourful as a folkloristic ballroom, well-rounded like life in Romagna, the Federico Fellini's land.

Be yourselves without giving up being always different. This is the meaning of “Eye Am” Saraghina.

The brand collection is rich in interpretations and multifaced, because the identity of Saraghina is expressed in the very multiplicity of its creations so that each of us can find the best image of himself.

Today the only antidote is to go back to the basic, back to the beginnings in order to rediscover the pleasure of wearing a beautiful, fun and economical pair of sunglasses. This kind of eyewear could have been born only in a land renowned worldwide for its simplicity, happiness and joy of life.

Designed in Italy
Made in Italy
And we are proud to be

The Saraghina is the most representative fish of the Adriatic Sea, the prince of the blue fish that only the unexperienced and the sophisticated (those who in Romagna we call respectively “invorniti” and “pidocchi rifatti”) still consider synonymous with poor fish or of no value.
But this isn't true: it's simple, basic, genuine. It’s, in a few words, stylish but with substance.

The unique style of the brand takes shape thanks to the love, care and precision of 100% Made in Italy. All models are produced entirely in Italy by specialized artisans who use only top quality materials and components.

Over 60 frame colors and 50 lens types form a varied kaleidoscope of emotions. A color that ranges from the blue sea to the blue sky, from the sun yellow to the sunset red and then changes again into mirrored, flashed and shaded lenses. All lenses are certified with 100% UVA and UVB protection. The materials, from the super-light nylon TR 90 with high resistance to the ultralight metal, give a lightness and comfort unique of their kind.

Saraghina's glasses express their true identity in this context: no longer just a fashion accessory, but a statement of one’s own personality, the unique and unrepeatable artwork within each and everyone of us.

Saraghina Eyewear was founded in June 2013 thanks to the intuition of Angelo Di Stefano, among the reference points in the Italian optical field, who, thanks to their great experience, to their love of the product and to the places where they grew up, and thanks also to the analysis of the market as well as to the particular historical moment, were able to offer a good and unique product at a reasonable price.